Professional work outfits with a sexy feel

Wants to appear glamourous at work, and we have some pointers for you. These tips
will have you well on your way to incorporating boudoir elements into your everyday outfits.

Skirt suits

A slimming skirt suit looks amazing on any body shape and type. Be sure it’s comfortable and
fits correctly. Try a pencil skirt and blazer! Wanting to take it up a notch? Pair with your favorite


This should be a no-brainer! If you plan on wearing a dress, make sure to wear stockings. It’s
feminine and professional! If you desire, choose a different color or pattern for a unique look.


Pearls have a wonderful way of being fashion-forward, sophisticated, and elegant.

Add flair to your work wardrobe. If it’s a chilly day, layer a faux fur or leather jacket on top of
your outfit.

Bold colors
Sometimes, bright and vibrant, colorful dresses can make all the difference. You won’t go
unnoticed, nor should you!

Long rompers can make a statement, especially paired with heels.

High-waisted pants
If you loved the way your high-waisted bottoms looked during your session, then you’ll love
high-waisted pants in general. Pair with a v-cut blouse for the ultimate look.

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