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See The Greatness In Yourself.

You are awesome; you are kind; you are smart; you are lovely; you are gorgeous; you are strong. YOU ARE A BADASS BY NATURE!

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Being a boudoir photographer, the person behind the lens,

I see a lot that is not seen and hear a lot that is not said. I can guarantee you that a boudoir photo shoot with me is an uplifting activity!

It seems that we’re all bombarded with a certain type of image in the media and marketing, but the truth is that every body, regardless of race, religion or gender, is different. Health looks different on everyone, and everyone is gorgeous in their own way.

Should you have your boudoir photos taken if you don’t fit a certain stereotypical mold?


— You are awesome! You are ENOUGH!

It will shun all your self-doubts and escalate your confidence by bringing out your glamorous side, which has been hidden all this time. It gives you the confidence to embrace whatever shape your body is and own it like never before!


Never done boudoir before? Take a look at the behind the scene clip from one of my gorgeous clients’ boudoir photo session, and get an idea of what the boudoir experience is like when working with me.

EMBRACE Yourself

When you say Yes to an intimate/sensual photoshoot (a.k.a boudoir/dudeoir/doudoir session), you say Yes to yourself. From every click to every pose made in the session, you are pouring love and confidence to yourself. You are owning what you are and oozing self-love. Remember it is you who starts FIRST!

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 Make Your Session YOURS. 

People do boudoir for different reasons. What is yours?

Because you are back in the dating world? Because you beat cancer? Because you hit a goal weight? Because you are celebrating a milestone or a birthday? Because you are healing from trauma? Because you need some confident boost? or just because!

  like, just because you want to add some cute lingerie to your wardrobe!(not sure what lingerie to choose? Take a lingerie personality quiz to find out!) 

Or try something on from my growing Clients’ Closet, wear one of my beautiful crowns, put on one of my gorgeous Angel wings or fairy wings, step in the fantasy cloud set or steamy shower set, or a rain set in my studio, etc., to make it a more exhilarating experiment!

Whatever reason it is, make your boudoir session YOURS.


Individual: $400 |  Couples: $600

Images sold separately

Session Includes:

  • Pre-session consultation and planning via email, Zoom call or in person meeting to tailor your photoshoot;
  • Professional Hair and Makeup;
  • 1.5-2 hours of photoshoot with 3 outfits;
  • Access to client’s closet;
  • Complimentary headshot;
  • Direction and posing to make sure you get the best photos;
  • Image Reveal and Ordering session in studio or via Zoon call.

*All images enhanced with signature retouching and editing sold separately, packages start at $850; Average clients spend $2500.

*Take advantage of the 0 interest in-house payment plans and Referral Bonus. 

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Interested in a boudoir session for confidence sake and celebrate your body? Want to gift your significant other your bridal boudoir photos? Or to create contents for your social media platforms like Onlyfans? 

The form below is the best way to reach out, and I’ll get you on the calendar, or get you some answers! I work to respond to inquiries within 24 hours, so keep an eye on your inbox once you’ve sent your message. 

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