Being a Missouri Boudoir Photographer, I love Photoshop, it helps enhance my photos and fulfil my vision that I can not get in camera. Therefore, I photoshop every image that goes into my photography portfolio. I’m pretty good at Photoshop and getting better. I’m not shameful to claim myself one of the best portrait/ boudoir photographers in Missouri. Yea, I’m not modest at all. People who hire me as their photographer mainly because they love my signature editing and retouching!

My perspective of editing clients’ photos as a boudoir photographer in Missouri.

As for Boudoir, some say as Boudoir Photography is all about empowerment, body positivity, self-love, love who you are. Hence, boudoir photos should reveal the the real you, shouldn’t be photoshopped.

Here I’m not going to turn it into an argument. I am just telling what I think.

I am all about natural–don’t get me wrong, I’m not against makeup and dressed-up, just prefer whatever is easy and cozy to me. I seldom wear makeup, do my hair and nails or dress up. However, whenever I do, I feel beautiful and confident! I walk out the room like I’m walking on the red carpet.

See, I dye my grays, have eye shadow and fake lashes on my eyes and I have concealer on my face; In addition, I paint my nails, wear the most fit and flattering outfit and high heals. My eyes are bigger, my skin is smoother, and I look younger, fitter, and taller.

Wow, I am this pretty!

Is it the real me?

Hell yeah! It is still me, just dress up differently.

Think about this:

On the wedding day, when everyone see the all-glammed-up bride, do they think, “oh no, he’s marrying a different woman!!”?

NO! Both of guest and the groom are seeing the most beautiful woman walking down the isle!


What does this have to do with Photoshop my boudoir photos? You ask.

Well, photographers can be make-up artists too, we do makeovers digitally, some use Photoshop, I’m one of them.

I Photoshop my clients’ photos–remove blemishes, smooth skin, lighten or even remove wrinkles and under eyebags, whiten teeth-these are basic retouches I would do to all portrait and boudoir photos.

I send out a Questionnaire after my clients book their sessions, because I am Chinese, most of my clients and I were born and raised in different cultures (so far all my boudoir clients are from Missouri), we may have different perspectives. Therefore, I want to know their expectation and concerns about their photos taken by me.

If clients have scars, stretch marks and cellulite or anything of themselves that they feel conscious, I have no judgement at all if they want me to conceal it in their photos.

I’m not trying to convince my clients that it’s part of their features and ask them to embrace it. However, I DO want my clients to know that even they don’t doesn’t like the way it looks, it’s worthy of being seen.


My goal of shooting boudoir.

Like I mentioned before, my goal of shooting boudoir is not to make the people who I photograph love every part of themselves, because maybe some are coming from a position of hating themselves, and going from hate to love is not something that happens easily or quickly. Or maybe they already have thousands of photos revealing the features and they just want something different.

For instance, if my client is really not happy about her double-chins and wants me to do something about it in her photos. Besides photographing her from a more flattering angle, I MIGHT fix it in Photoshop too.

After all, I want my clients feel the best of themselves in their images.

Brides hire professional photographers to record one of the most beautiful moments in their lives and turn them into keepsake albums or wall arts.

So the same for boudoir photos. Boudoir photography is a luxury experience. You don’t wear sexy lingerie or nothing to have professional boudoir photos taken every day, hence, besides posing and photographing you in a flattering way, I will edit and retouch your photos in Photoshop to bring out the best of you in your photos. Because I want you to be proud that YOU are so gorgeous and sexy every time when you open your boudoir album, or walk by the wall arts on your wall. And I want you to carry that confidence on with you every day!


I Photoshop your boudoir photos.

In short, Photoshop or not photoshop, it’s not a question to this one of the best Missouri boudoir photographers in Missouri–Me! I photoshop your photos, I even offer intensive editing service per clients’ request.

If you are looking for a boudoir experience, whether it is boudoir, dudeoir or doudoir, or couple boudoir in Missouri, I’m here.



Hi, my name is Yina Franklin, I’m a Professional Photographers of America member, published photographer and cover artist in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. I specialize in Portrait Photography, from Children’s Portrait to Creative Portraiture, to Boudoir Body Positivity.