How to prepare your boudoir photo shoot? So you have a boudoir photo session with me coming up, what next? Do not stress yourself because besides the Preparation Guide that will be sent to you , there are a few insider tips which will help you to ace the shoot. Being totally prepared before your photo shoot will help to calm down the nerves and get rid of the anxiety. If you want to get the best boudoir experience with us, then these are the steps you don’t want to miss.

  •  Plan your outfits beforehand.

Decide beforehand what you will wear to your suit and also on your shoot. It is always suggested to wear loose fitted clothes to your appointment because you do not want to have any kind of indentations from your bra straps or other elastic materials on your skin. So avoid wearing a bra, ditch the socks and watch, and even your belt or any type of tight fitted jeans. Boudoir photo shoot is all about feeling confident and pretty about yourself, so choose the outfits that make you feel sexy and attractive. So think- what makes you beautiful and amazing from within?

  •  Play around with hair and makeup.

 Even though most of the professional photo shoots will include hair and makeup, if you have a particular look in your mind that you want to create, you can do that. Just make sure to practice a lot so that you are comfortable. Walk around with contour because it can add a dramatic look.

  •  Pamper your skin.

Boudoir photoshoot means a lot of skin will be on show. And you definitely want to look gorgeous in the pictures, don’t you? Get a mani-padi to make your hands and feet look fresh and pretty. If you are wearing nail paint, choose the shade that matches with your outfits- nude is always a timeless option! Keep yourself hydrated so that your skin looks dewy on the shoot. Remember to always moisturize your skin and you can also shave or get yourself waxed, if you want to.

  • Try out different accessories.

Accessories can really take your look to a whole new level if done right. Wearing a beautiful pearl necklace with lingerie may seem awkward or silly at first, but sometimes they worked out really well. Plan out which accessories best suit your outfit beforehand to check if you are comfortable with pulling it off. You can also go for shoes or hair accessories.

  •  Keep an extra set.

 If you are investing your time on a boudoir photoshoot, you definitely would like to get it right to the very last detail. Although I have a Client Closet with different sizes and types of lingeries, I always recommend clients to bring their own and take the client closet as a backup. Go shopping for your upcoming boudoir shoot, bring your favorite lingeries and always bring an extra set. That way if plan A doesn’t work, we have plan B and C.

Last but not least, the main tip of well prepare for your photo shoot is to relax and remember that you are beautiful and amazing! 

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Hi, my name is Yina Franklin, I’m a Professional Photographers of America member, published photographer and cover artist in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. I specialize in Portrait Photography, from Children’s Portrait to Creative Portraiture, to Boudoir Body Positivity.