best photographer in Poplar Bluff areaFrom hobbyist to professional photographer

When did I become a portrait photographer? I had been a hobby photographer for years and decided to go pro. With the love and support of my family and friends, I started my photography business Bella Sky Photography by Bella Sky Production in Summer 2020, during pandamic. However, I was so afraid to tell people I was a portrait photographer based in Poplar Bluff. Why? Because every once a while when I took a photo that I was proud of, I saw flaws and mistakes I made when I looked back several days later.  “Am I good enough to be a professional photographer and charge people for my service?” I kept questioning myself.

The fact is, I’ve invested a lot in photography education and gears. Moreover, I’ve spent hours every day learning lighting, practicing and editing….Therefore, I realized that I constantly question and criticize my own work, not because I am not qualified, because I AM a professional photographer! I have the passion to create better art. Furthermore, I’m aiming to the best portrait photographer in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.
In short, yes, I am a professional photographer, portrait/boudoir photographer, a published photographer who specializes in Portrait Photography, from Children’s Portrait, to Creative Portraiture, to Boudoir Body Positivity.

Portrait Photographer and Boudoir Photographer in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

As you can see, my Boudoir and the general Portrait contents are on separate pages, because although Boudoir photography provides an excellent opportunity to practice body positivity and empower women(and men) , some people see it differently. I understand and I have no intention of making them to have the same perspective. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy my work, whether it’s general portrait or boudoir photos.
All subjects whose portraits have been posted online have signed an Appearance Release agreement.
Hi, my name is Yina Franklin, I’m a Professional Photographers of America member, published photographer and cover artist in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. I specialize in Portrait Photography, from Children’s Portrait to Creative Portraiture, to Boudoir Body Positivity.