As a Children Portrait Photographer, I have to say taking children portraits is most fun yet most difficult.

Well, sometimes are difficult, especially when the kids are tired.

I first met the little prince at Walmart Vision Center,  he was cute and shy.

We scheduled a photo session at my studio on one weekend. To my suprised, W talked a lot that day, not shy at all! But soon he was a little irritated. Mom said he skipped his nap so he was tired.

Anyways, we played guessing games, and we played hide and seek; I tried my best to get as many good shots as I could while he was in the” No! No! No!” mood.

He almost said no to everything I asked until I said let’s go fishing! He was excited again! Telling me he loved fishing, he had his own fishing pole. When I handed him my props, he turned to his dad,” I need my pole!” lol, Such a cutie!

We went out “fishing”, he was patiently waiting for the fish to bite the “baits”. (You know, when you are a children portrait photographer, besides taking photos, you need to know acting too. It doesn’t matter how you act, as long as your audience think it’s real and follow your lead or direction, you are a good actor. Most time parents love joining the act as extras, that makes the scene more real.)

Everybody loves how the photos turned out.:)

***These are some of the photos from W’s session, parents gave written consent to share in public.

(Click HERE if video doesn’t show within 10 sec.)