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Boudoir photography is unique. If you are not familiar with the beauty of boudoir shoots, they are the intimate portraits sessions where women get to showcase their body and feel confident about it. There are many reasons why women or men want to go ahead with intimate photoshoots. It can be a gift to their partners, or maybe they might be going through a tough phase and they need a confidence boost. Whatever the reason may be, one thing that I can assure you is that, going through these shoots have been able to create a powerful impact on the women and made them feel empowered, sexy and beautiful.

Timeless Portraits

Intimate portraits are timeless. They will always be a reminder of a time when you wanted to feel strong and beautiful. It is a beautiful opportunity to really capture what is going on. It is like a narrative where the subject is the only one who knows the story.

I have always tried to have a proper conversation with my clients before we went ahead with the photoshoot. And it’s amazing how good they feel after themselves after looking at the photographs. 

Boudoir photography is all about making the subjects–man or woman, or couples feel beautiful. There is a different power in that. It is about breaking the walls that the people have built around themselves about their body image. I want my clients to feel comfortable enough so that they can express themselves even if for a short period of time in front of the lens. It’s about making them feel safe and recognize what they are feeling at that moment.

Body Positivity

Body positivity is one of the most important topics that is widely being discussed today. The importance of promoting body positivity and helping women to feel beautiful about themselves and appreciate their true selves cannot be stressed enough. That is exactly what I had in mind when I first started shooting intimate portraits.  Every one has a different story and  the overall aesthetic of the shoot  may differ based on that.  Initmate portraits means it is intimate and personal and I, as a photographer, can actually help my clients to flaunt their body in the way they like so that when they look at the photographs after the shoot-  they will think “Yes, I am beautiful and sexy and strong and no one can ever change that.”

You can always add your twist to the lightning and posing but yes, that’s the beauty of boudoir photography to me- empowering women and men and making them feel they are beautiful from within no matter what.

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My name is Yina Franklin. I’m a Professional Photographers of America member, published photographer and cover artist in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. I specialize in Portrait Photography, from Children’s Portrait to Creative Portraiture, to Boudoir/Dudoir Body Positivity.
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