Reasons why I like shooting boudoir

Being the person behind the lens, I see a lot that is not seen and hear a lot that is not said. I think a female photographer who chooses boudoir photography has a broader view of it than the subjects( the clients) themselves.

There are some reasons that make me love shooting boudoir:

First of all–Empowering women (sometimes are men)

Boudoir shoots are stepping stones to empower women, and being the photographer for one makes me excited. It is like I am the helping hand to these courageous women. The shoot witnesses powerful women and it’s fantastic!

Secondly–Meet new people

Being a boudoir photographer, part of the job includes meeting new people. A boudoir photo session makes me learn about new people, have conversations with them and try to learn new angles for the shoot. Easing the client’s nerves and providing surety makes me humble.

Third–The Glamour

Boudoir photography is glamour but with the bare minimum: no dress to compliment and a slim to none accessories. The challenge to shoot the glamour with fewer accessories is what challenges the photographer—making her thrive for the job!

Last but not least–The Versatility

Everyone can shoot a flower in the garden or the colors of the sky, but very few can do boudoir. Boudoir photography is a set up at versatility. Being a photographer, I learn a lot through boudoir, some new lighting directions, poses and editing requirements. It makes me test my talent and grow. Did I mention that I’m a published boudoir photographer too? Yes, several pieces of my work have been published on magazine or even on the the cover of Shutter Up Magazine and Saturn’s Stardust Magazine. If you are looking for the best boudoir photographer in Poplar Bluff, Missouri–Hi! I am here!!

In short, focusing on the ultimate goal of making a woman look beautiful from the head right down to her toes, it’s a profession that brings joy and fulfilment to both the clients and me.

published photographer