boudoir portrait of plus size girl in leather lingerie in front of neon lightToday is National Plus Size Appreciation day, show off those curves, girl!

When summer comes, it seems like everybody is talking about beach body, and people ask how to get a beach body.
“First you have a body, then go to beach. There, you have a beach body.” is the perfect answer. Yes, every body is a beach body.

Similarly, some ladies ask ” I am a plus size woman, but I really want to do a boudoir shoot, can you make me look beautiful? Or should I lose weight to have the boudoir body to take the photos?”

First of all “You have your body, then do a boudoir photoshoot. There, you have the boudoir body already!” I’ve never seen two bodies that are alike, neither have you, right? So what does it mean? It means: Every single body is a boudoir body! There is no a set size or standard to define boudoir body. Like I say, especially today, the national plus size appreciation day, be proud of the beautiful body you have!

Secondly, I don’t “make” you look beautiful, I show you how beautiful you are through my camera. I guide you, I help you pose, because you may not see what I see from different angels, that’s probably why you missed the beauty on your body.

Take a look at this beautiful here (couple behind the scenes clips from a plus-sized girl’s boudoir session). Do you see size or do you see beauty?