Poplar Bluff 2023 Girls Volleyball Tournament was held at Poplar Bluff Middle School on last Thursday, my 5th grader and her volleyball team-Serve You Right competed in their first tournament. The team was made up of 8 students with many of them had never played volleyball before. They had been practicing for less than two months, so they were still very new to the game.

There were 12 teams in the tournament, and each team played 3 games. Team Serve You Right ended up finishing in 2nd place overall.

Even though they didn’t win the tournament, the girls had so much fun. They learned a lot about volleyball from their amazing coach Mrs. Crystal, and they made some new friends. They are already looking forward to next year’s girls volleyball tournament

As a mom and audience, I’ve seen that:

  • Team Serve You Right played their hearts out in every game. They never gave up, even when they were down.
  • The team showed great sportsmanship. They cheered for their opponents, and they helped each other up when they fell down.
  • The girls had a great experience. They felt frustrated, excited, they cried and they laughed.

Team Serve You Right is a great example of what can be accomplished when kids work together and have fun. They are a team to watch in the years to come.

Here are my 2 cents for parents who are thinking about signing their child up for a beginner volleyball tournament:

  • Make sure your child is interested in volleyball; mine had never touched a volleyball before but she showed interest in it. Don’t force them to play if they don’t want to.
  • Help your child practice their skills. You can find volleyball drills online.
  • Be supportive of your child. Let them know that you are proud of them, even if they don’t play well.
  • Have fun! Volleyball is a great way for kids to get exercise and make new friends.