black male with dumbbell fitness portraitHot girl/guy summer is right here! Are you ready to take your fitness portraits in Missouri?

A fit body is an art of a lot of sweat and hard work. Those tireless workout sessions, sprinting and heaved breaths bear fruit in the form of a toned body. Athletes and gym freaks want their hard work to be pictured in the best way. That’s when Fitness Portraits come into the picture.

Fitness portraits not only show an athlete’s fitness but also puts out a message of healthy living and determination. There might be someone out there looking for that kind of motivation.

You have spent most of your free time in Ozark Wellness, Planet Fitness, Crossfit etc., in exchange for a fit and healthy body. It’s time for your fitness portraits in Missouri!!

Tips for Fitness Portraits

I am a portrait/boudoir photographer. I also love fitness photography and learn new skills and get better everyday.

People ask me if there are any tricks to ace the field.

Well, not necessary tricks, but these are what most fitness photographers do:

First of All, Gather Equipment (duh, lol)

Not only just fitness photographers but all photographers need their equipment to start a shoot. So here is what I will need to take your fitness portraits:

  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Tripod
  • Light/lights
  • Softbox(es)

Secondly, Talk to My Subject about their Journey

This normally happens right after clients book their photo sessions. I always try to know as much as can about my subject before the shoot. Every athlete, professional or not, who wants a fitness shoot with me has a story to tell. So I’ll always listen up their story and take notes on their stress points. This will help me achieve the pictures we both want. For enstance, talking to the athlete can help me figure out their favourite spots and the timing for the shoot.

Ask them about their favorite poses or parts they have worked hard on. Focus the portraits on those areas and accentuate their journey with my shots.

Then We Choose Simple locations

Opting for simple locations in a shoot brings more focus on the subject. The plain and natural background compliments the character and makes him/her look even better. Just like other portraits, a shoot in a busy area with a lot of people photo bombing will hardly get you the right photos.

Large or Small Aperture?

It depends! Use a large aperture to blur the unwanted people and bring more focus on the subject.  Or to use smaller aperture to capture more details. It depends on the look we want.

Stunning photos is a combination of skill and art which a portrait photographer learns with time. I promise that we can create great fitness portraits in Missouri. If you want some quality fitness portraits taken, let’s chat!