I began to have an interest in Fitness Photography because my husband was a gymrat–before his back got inured:(

Every time when I see the workout progress selfies, I think, Man/Girl! You should hire a pro who’s good at fitness photography, like me to take your photos, promise they are 10 times better. LOL

I think a lot of people think a professional photographer is someone who owns an expensive camera. Well, everyone can be a photographer, but not every photographer or professional photographer is right for your need.

Every professional photographer has their own niche, portrait photography, newborn photography, family photography, fitness photography, boudoir photography, wedding photography, headshot photography, product photography, landscape photography…

Taking pictures is more than just clicking the button, professional photographers take good photos. However, a Headshot photographer may not know how to position a newborn baby to ensure safety; a Portrait photographer may not be able to cover every detail of the whole wedding event; Sports photographer may not know how to pose a boudoir client; a natural light family photographer may not know how to make your months and years of weigh training result stand out…

Every now and then I receive inquiry about wedding photography, first of all I’m flattered that the potential clients loved my work, however, I always kindly rejected and referred them to Wedding photographers, because I’ve never formally photograph a wedding. Can I do wedding photography? Yes, I believe I can. But I would rather you go for someone who’s specialized in wedding photography to capture this once in a life memory. I’m not a wedding photographer, I don’t study further nor have passion about wedding photography.

Hire a pro who’s good at fitness photography like me to take your photos to better to show your hardwork.