The Dressing Guide for Plus-Sized Men to Look Sharp

Are you a plus-size guy and looking for some dressing inspiration for your Headshot or Portrait photoshoot? One of the fashion guru has wrote out this Dressing Guide for Plus-Sized Men. If you want to look sharp by following some simple tips, here, we have got you covered with all the necessary information you want to look handsome and sharp.

Every man either overweight or underweight can look good and classy by the right choice of clothes.  Gone are the times when the fashion industry emphasized hiding bigger bellies of the guys and plus-sized men. No matter if you are broad-shouldered, big-bellied, or big-bottomed, you can still look classy and stylish. In this article, we have listed some amazing tips for big guys to follow that will help them look instantly sharp.

So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details:

1.     Everyday menswear

You can wear collar T-shirts every day. They not only look classy and comfy but also always make you look sharp. They never go out of fashion. You can also wear them at parties by pairing them with some cute sneakers. A black or blue pair of jeans would look perfect with almost every T-shirt.

2.     Go for darker colors

Usually, darker colors accentuate plus-sized guys. Dark and plain colors look more charming and help you give a super sharp look. On the other hand, it does not mean that you should completely avoid wearing any bold or loud colors.

A hint or pop of bold colors in the plain outfits is always a superb idea. It not only makes you look cool but also classy. This pop could either be in the form of a pocket scarf, a beanie, or a tie.

3.     Layering is important

Layering an outfit is always a great idea to consider when it comes to clothing. You can pair your outfit with some cool jackets, denim, coats, overcoats, blazers, etc., and they will instantly lift your whole outfit. In addition to that, they always make you look sharp and add to the class of the attire.

Be careful of buying those jackets that accentuate your physical features. Avoid buying one that adds more volume to your outfit and makes you look even bigger than you are!

4.     Wear large accessories

Accessorizing the outfit can change the complete game of your look. If you are a plus-sized guy, we suggest you go with some large accessories. For example, hats can help with a lot of outfits to give a sharper look.

Similarly, invest in comparatively bigger watches. These kinds of accessories will ultimately enhance your appearance by giving a sharper and classier look.

5.     Trim your facial hair

Trimming your beard or mustache always adds sharpness to the guys’ appearance. A neatly-trimmed beard will highlight your facial features and will help you give a sharp and sleek look.

Similarly, haircuts and hairstyles with more volume will help accentuate the broad foreheads and other facial features. You can also consult a stylist or hair guide to know about your best haircut!

Final Word

In a nutshell, hope this Dressing Guide for Plus-Sized Men can help you. Dressing well for big guys is almost the same as dressing for other guys. You only have to look for comfort along with the sharpness in your appearance, and you are good to go!