We have planned our Disney world family trip for several years. We had to put it off because of new baby, and then Covid9. Finally it’ was time pack our suitcase and headed to airport.

Out of 10 times when I travel with my camera, I took most of my  photos with my cellphone🤦‍♀️. And I regretted I bringing my camera…however, I brought it every time. Because as a professional photographer, you should have a camera with you all the time, right?

So I looked at my camera bag while packing, thinking:” do I bring it or not?” Well, I did.

We got up at 1:30am and drove to st.lousi airport. Took the earliest flight, arrived our hotel around noon, dropped off our luggage and headed to the Magic Kingdom right away! Yes, we barely slept. I know right?  We were that excited and couldn’t wait! Disney World, baby!


Anyways, as usual, we took photos with our phones. We were not planning to stay for fireworks the first day as everyone was tired especially the kids. Until the last minute before everyone was exhausted like “omg, my feet are killing me, it’s just first day!” Brother said it was likely rainy the following nights. So we thought we were not gonna risk it.

Long story short, I was gonna take video of the show with my phone only. Then I  felt bad I brought my camera all the way from Poplar Bluff Missouri to Orlando Florida but didn’t use it. If my camera hang out with his friends and talk about Disney world, my camera said he’s been there before, and his friends say, oh yeah? Let’s see your photos. What is my camera say? “Uh, I don’t have any. ”  You’re a camera, you went to Disney and don’t have any Disney photos? Hmm, either you’ve never been there or you are not a real camera. SHAME ON YOU!!

No! I can’t do that to my phone! So I took him out and patiently wait for the magical moment.

My niche is Portrait Photography. I’m not good at landscape or sighscene, but I have to say I had quite a few great photos from the firework show! I shoot both raw and jpg, so I don’t have to being my laptop in case I needed them right away; therefore, all these photos are straight out of camera, Wow!

Disney magic kingdom firework by Poplar bluff photographers

Magic Kingdom, right? This is the place where magic begins..