girl power we-can-do-it poster‘Women are weak’, a phrase laid to rest in the twenty-first century. It is amazing to learn that the women of this century are evolving with their ideas and approach to life.

The feminism flag hoists up the patriarchal grounds while the women of the world triumph. To everyone reading this, we need to tell you again; You Matter. You deserve all the love.

Do you think of how some other woman is taller, thinner or prettier than you? That is where you are wrong. This is a natural track of thinking societal instilled in us from a while. What we as women need to do is stop the judgment. What you don’t know is judging others is judging yourself.

Things all women should know

Women are more than bodies

A woman’s curvy body or think body does not define her personality. Read that again. Body positivity is the stepping stone to self-love. It is about believing your body is more than beautiful and shun all the doubts. Loving your body and giving it the respect it requires is how you can start pouring self-love into yourself.


We often see women around us say: ‘I will take care of myself after I do for the family’ or ‘I don’t need a break’. Acts of keeping others first and attempting to please them nip the idea of self-love.

Self-love is commonly confused with selfishness which is an utter misconception. You being a woman have a right on yourself. You are to be valued and taken care of. It is okay if you don’t feel like cooking today. It is okay if you went to the spa and spent some time pampering yourself. Self-love is essential to raise a woman’s confidence bar.

Let go the toxic

No Matter how dear someone is to you if he is toxic, then letting him go is all the intellect. Women should have the courage to let go of these kinds of people. Nothing that disturbs your peace should be part of your life. Love yourself enough to let go of toxic people!

Embrace your style

Love and embrace yourself to ROCK the world. What is embracing your style? It is merely about caring what you like and choosing it over the so-called societal norms. If you like wearing sneakers everywhere, then you SHOULD wear them without social pressure.

Women are gems who have golden hearts and deserve the happiness of the world. So what do you do to have your self-boast?

Women exist unapologetically, I said what I said.

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