Sunset Family Photo

Today’s episode is about the sunset family photo…Once upon a time, a beautiful family reached out for a family portrait.

The anticipation was palpable as my client described her vision for their family portrait – “would love something at dusk with the colorful fall leaves and possibly water”. My heart leaped with excitement, convinced that I could capture her dream. But a sudden wave of anxiety washed over me when she revealed that because of their schedule, their portrait would have to wait until after Thanksgiving, a time when the season’s vibrant palette would have faded. The thought of compromising to an indoor studio shoot, devoid of nature’s artistry, felt like a betrayal of her vision.

We explored our options, acknowledging the potential absence of autumn’s splendor. If the leaves had surrendered their colors, an indoor studio shoot may be our only recourse. But I refused to let her settle for anything less than her heart desired. I envisioned a portrait that would transcend the limitations of the season.

A week before session day, I found myself obsessively checking the weather forecast, my prayers echoing her silent pleas for a cloudy day. The heavens seemed to hear our collective yearning, an overcast skies awaited us in the afternoon. The sun, peering through the veil of clouds, cast a warm, diffused glow, illuminating the family’s faces with an ethereal radiance. The absence of autumn’s fiery hues was replaced by an atmosphere of serene beauty, a testament to the power of nature’s adaptability.

As I captured their portraits, I felt a surge of gratitude for the unwavering faith my client had placed in me. She had dared to dream of a portrait that defied the constraints of seasonality, and together, we had created a showpiece that transcended the ordinary.