Professional Headshot Attire–What to Wear for Your Headshots: A Comprehensive Style Guide

Outfit Session Tips

  • Plan your outfits in advance: Choosing your outfit the night before or even the day of your headshot session can lead to unnecessary stress. Plan your outfit a few days in advance to ensure you have everything you need and feel confident in your choice.

  • Consider your industry and personal brand: Your headshot should reflect your professional image and align with your industry standards. If you work in a more conservative field, opt for classic and timeless pieces. If your industry allows for more creativity, feel free to express your personal style.

  • Keep it simple and avoid distractions: Avoid busy patterns, loud logos, and excessive accessories. The focus should be on your face and your overall professional demeanor.

  • Ensure proper fit and tailoring: Ill-fitting clothes can detract from your overall appearance. Make sure your clothes fit well and flatter your body type. Consider getting your clothes tailored for a more polished look.

  • Iron or steam your clothes: Wrinkled clothes can make you look unprofessional. Take the time to iron or steam your outfit to ensure a crisp and clean appearance.

Professional Headshot Attire-What to Wear for Women

  • Tops: Opt for solid-colored blouses or shirts with structured collars. V-necks and scoop necks are generally flattering choices. Avoid turtlenecks and high necklines that can make your face appear smaller.

  • Bottoms: Choose tailored pants, skirts, or dresses in neutral colors like black, navy, or gray. Avoid overly casual pieces like jeans or shorts.

  • Layers: A blazer or cardigan can add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your look.

  • Accessories: Keep accessories minimal and understated. Simple earrings, a classic watch, or a delicate necklace can complement your outfit without distracting from your face.

Skincare and Makeup Tips for Women

  • Maintain a regular skincare routine: Healthy, glowing skin will make you look and feel your best. Use a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen daily.

  • Hydrate well: Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated and radiant.

  • Opt for natural makeup: Avoid heavy or dramatic makeup that can look unnatural in photos. Stick to a natural look that enhances your features without overpowering them.

  • Consider professional makeup services: If you’re not comfortable doing your own makeup, consider hiring a professional makeup artist for your headshot session.

Hairstyle Tips for Women

  • Choose a hairstyle that frames your face: A flattering hairstyle can accentuate your features and make you look more approachable. Consider a simple style that complements your face shape.

  • Avoid overly complicated hairstyles: Keep your hair simple and avoid elaborate up-dos or braids that can distract from your face.

  • Ensure your hair is clean and styled: Wash and style your hair before your headshot session. Tame fly-aways and ensure your hair looks polished and professional.

Professional Headshot Attire-What to Wear for Men

  • Shirts: Choose a well-fitting collared shirt in a solid color or subtle pattern. White, light blue, or light gray are classic choices.

  • Jackets: A tailored blazer or sport coat can add a touch of professionalism to your look.

  • Ties: Ties are optional for headshots, but if you choose to wear one, opt for a simple pattern and avoid bright colors.

  • Pants: Choose well-fitting dress pants in a neutral color like black, navy, or gray. Avoid jeans or casual pants.

  • Accessories: Keep accessories minimal. A classic watch or cufflinks can add a touch of sophistication without being distracting.

Hairstyle Tips for Men

  • Get a fresh haircut: A clean and well-maintained haircut will make you look polished and professional. Get a haircut a few days before your headshot session to allow your hair to settle into its style.

  • Style your hair neatly: Use a styling product to tame fly-aways and ensure your hair looks neat and professional.

  • Consider facial hair grooming: If you have facial hair, make sure it is neatly trimmed and groomed.

Skincare Tips for Men

  • Maintain a regular skincare routine: Cleanse, moisturize, and use sunscreen daily to keep your skin healthy and looking its best.

  • Hydrate well: Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated and improve its overall appearance.

  • Address any skin concerns: If you have any skin concerns, such as acne or redness, consider consulting a dermatologist or using appropriate skincare products to address these issues before your headshot session.