“I’ve never done a boudoir session, what is a luxury boudoir experience?” Once a while I was asked by some ladies.

I’ve listed on my website that what a boudoir session include and I have several posts about “what is boudoir? ” “why take boudoir photos?” etc.,  I know, I know, many people like me, can’t really put the picture together by only reading the words.

I’ve always tried to take behind the scene videos during my shoots if possible. On one hand, to record the experience for future clients, on the other hand, for myself to look back to see what I can do to improve. However, boudoir photos are intimate portraits, most clients don’t want to share with public. I’m lucky to have Ms. F, one of my gorgeous clients, as well as my friend, who supports me and allows me to video her Photoshoot Session.

(Click here if the video doesn’t show within 20 sec)

There are three parts or sessions in an entire luxury Boudoir Experience with Bella Sky Photography, in case that some are wondering:

  1. Presession–preparation before the photoshoot right after booking
  2. Photoshoot session.
  3. Image reveal and order session.

This video is Photoshoot Session-what happens on the day we are shooting the photos:

  1. Welcome client with non-alcoholic drink and snacks;
  2. Client changes into a comfy robe and have professional makeup and hair done;
  3. Final wardrobes selection;
  4. Photoshoot;

If same day reveal scheduled,

5. Client watches movie in my private movie theater room while waiting for me to soft edit the images.

6. Image reveal and order.

So what do you think? Are you ready for your luxury boudoir experience?