PSA if you see a woman post images from their boudoir shoot, let me tell you what was happening for her to get to that point.
-She’s been looking at her photographer’s work for months, if not YEARS, WISHING she could be confident enough to even reach out to inquire.
-After she finally got up the nerve to inquire, she said she could never fathom spending money on herself as a wife, mother, or woman in general.
-Months or years pass again, she finally reaches out again to book her session panic asking all the questions to make sure she’ll be comfortable.
-*PAUSE* in communication
-months or years pass again, she finally books her shoot.
-a month or so before her session she starts panicking again wondering if she made a mistake in booking, wondering if she’s worth spending a dime on herself, wondering how she’ll ever be comfortable in front of a camera.
-She messages asking to reschedule to a later date to try to get more weight off or get more toned, or just put it off to build up the nerve again.
-The week of her shoot she thinks about cancelling everyday. She doesn’t even try on her outfits because she thinks that will for sure make her cancel.
-finally her shoot day comes, she’s crying on the way thinking again she’s not worthy, thinking things like “what if I hate them all, what if I don’t feel beautiful, what if I look even worse than I think I will??”
-She walks through the doors of the studio shaking, apologizing for being a hot mess, etc…
-fast forward to her reveal (where she comes to see her photos) once again freaking out with all the panic thoughts. And you know what?
She has never felt more beautiful.
Her confidence SKYROCKETS.
“Why have I waited so long to do this??
I can’t wait to share with everyone!
I’ve never seen photos of myself like this!
I’ve never liked photos of myself!”
Here are your options for replying:
-Girl you look amazing! 🤩🔥
-You look so happy and confident!
-You look 🔥🔥🔥
Or anything along the lines above (emojis strongly recommended).
If you even so much as have a thought about saying she should be ashamed of herself, she shouldn’t be posting, etc…
Put your phone down, walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror and reflect on exactly why you feel the need to tear down a woman after it took EVERYTHING in her to follow through with this shoot.
When you look in the mirror, and have the thoughts of “ugh I wish I could change this, or I hate that.” Know she has already done that. OFTEN. EVERY DAY OF HER LIFE.
She deserves to feel good about this.
About herself.
It might not be your cup of tea, and that’s just fine. But maybe for the first time in her entire life she feels good enough about herself to post pictures confidently that she finally LOVES.
Do not ever let yourself, what you dislike about yourself, your opinions, or what you’re insecure about make another woman feel bad about herself when you have no idea what it took for her to take that step.
A boudoir/beauty photographer tired of seeing these comments when I saw tears fall from her eyes the first time she found herself beautiful.
Mmk thanks.

Nikki Lynne Prickett

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