I am often asked how long a photo session is or how much I charge for and X hours/minutes session.

Before I answer these questions, I would like to ask what type of photo are you looking for? And then I can help you figure out the perfect length for your photo shoot.

Currently I offer three types of Portrait Sessions: Creative, General Portrait and Headshot(Adult and Child), Boudoir. All sessions include 30-60minutes professional hair and makeup service.

● Creative: Mostly it’s one outfit and one setting, so half hour is great if you just need a couple amazing poster-like photos to hang on your walls.
● General Portrait and Headshot(Adult and Child):  Up to 3 looks and outfits, one location, so we aim for one to one and a half hours of shooting time;
● Boudoir: Up to 3 outfits and 3-4 settings, total shooting time is about 90 minutes to two hours.

However, as long as we have fun and get great photos, the time frame is not dead set.

Feel free to contact me at info@bellaskyphoto.com if you have any questions.