Red Carpet of ‘HERD’ SEMO premiere

horror film HERD cast and crew on red carpetWith a sense of pride and gratitude, I stood amidst the whirlwind of excitement, my camera poised to capture the glitz and glamour of the “HERD” SEMO premiere. It was a privilege to be the chosen photographer for this momentous occasion, documenting the stars and the buzz surrounding this locally produced zombie horror film.

The cast, resplendent in their finest attire, sashayed down the red carpet, their smiles radiating confidence and charisma. It was a delight to meet and work with them, capturing their infectious laughter and animated gestures that filled the air with an electric energy.

Director Steven Pierce, the hometown hero behind “HERD,” exuded an aura of pride as he mingled with his cast and crew. His passion for filmmaking was palpable, evident in his enthusiastic conversations and animated gestures. It was a pleasure to witness the camaraderie and support among the team.

The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as the audience eagerly awaited their immersion into the terrifying world Pierce had created. The buzz surrounding “HERD” was undeniable, a testament to the talent and creativity that thrived within our community.

As the red carpet event drew to a close, the anticipation for the movie reached a fever pitch. The lights dimmed, the chatter subsided, and the audience held their collective breath. The premiere of “HERD” marked a significant milestone for our local film industry, a testament to the power of homegrown talent and the unwavering support of the community. (10/21/2023)

If you missed the premiere in the theatres, HERD is now available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and more.