Let’s talk about the clothing choice for your headshot session. What should you wear to your headshot session

So you need some headshots for your modeling comp card or business profile, we need to make sure you are going to look good for them. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on headshots and not wearing the right outfit that not complement you.

First of all, Choose solid color clothing for your headshot

We want solid colors because we don’t want to be distracted by busy patterns or logos or characters. For colors, grey, darker grey look great on everybody. if we are looking for a more sunshine or smiley personality in the headshots, Jewel tone colors like red, yellow, green, blue, and purple are quite powerful, especially  lighter, vibrant blue, it will bright up the skin tones and help pops the eyes. so gray and blue are really good complementary tones for everyone. Beyond that, there may be specific tones that work really well for you, for example, if you have a lot of reds in your skin or red hair, you may want to avoid red and wear green instead. Green work well for people with brown hair too.

Secondly, Choose tight fitting clothing for your headshot

We want to be focusing on you not on what you are wearing. While tight fitting so that we don’t have excess clothing hanging down. tight fitting is important because it’s going to show what your actual body type is. This isn’t necessary mean that you have the outfit to be skin tight but don’t’ want it loose and flowy. Many people want to wear loose and baggy outfit because they want to hide tummies that might be a little bigger or “imperfect” body types. Don’t do that for your professional headshots. Those are gonna bulk you up and add extra weight on you. Wear tight fitting outfit and let your photographer work the lighting and poses that flattering your body type.

Last but not least, Choose variety clothing for your headshot

Always bring different type of clothing/outfit to your headshot session:

  1. long sleeve t-shirt, it’s very effective, whether it is scoop neck or V-neck.
  2. For men, beside button up business shirts, Henleys is my favorite, which is kind of a polo shirt without the collar, it’s a t-shirt with a couple of buttons on it. it’s a little bit more visually interesting than a t-shirt, some variety so we don’t just have those standard traditional necklines.
  3. You may also bring jackets or sweaters so we have some variety with your headshot session
  4. a pair of jeans works really well for almost everybody too, it gives a casual sense and works perfect for the body shots. Unless you only go for a business look, a pair of jeans is perfectly fine. On thing though  about jeans, you need to make sure that they are very nondescript jeans, generic jeans so standard blue jeans without any rips or holes in them are prefect. We don’t want them to be designer jeans with a bunch of emblems or big logos on them. Keep it very neutral and expensive blue jeans are absolutely perfect for doing the body shots.
  5. For ladies, dresses work really well too, just make sure that they are tighter fitting and we don’t have too much cleavage showing. We want the focus on what’s up top, not on what’s happening everywhere else, so tighter fitting and not too much cleavage.
  6. Avoid tennis shoes so a pair of black shoes flats, vans, convers, those are totally okay to do. big white tennis shoes just draw your eye down into the shoes. We want to keep it up here on where your face is.
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