Back to school photos have been flooded on Facebook, Instagram recently. Of course! School begins soon!!
I was born and grew up in China, summer vacation there is only 2 months and most of us stayed in summer school for at least one and a half months. I didn’t even know hiring a photographer for back to school photos is like a tradition thing here before I was a mom.
Every year I do snap a few photos before my girls going back to school with my phone though– if they are not cooperative enough for me to take out my camera. So I don’t think we missed anything.
My 4-year-old cried almost everyday for a whole year when I dropped her at school. I’m glad to hear that she’s ready for school! Hopefully she does better this school year. I know she will, as she’s growing up and sweeter.little girl drawing a glowing school bus
As usual, I want to make the portrait surreal, my preschooler loves cars and drawing, I was also inspired by one of my favorite artists Kevin Carden, so we did the back to school photoshoot and I added space and solar system at the background. Behind the scene clip on YouTube: https://youtu.be/FampUHJ8jM0
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