See The Goddess In Yourself.

Give yourself some credit for the days you made it when you thought you couldn’t.  Keep it in mind that you are beautiful, you are unique, you are strong. YOU ARE A GODDESS BY NATURE!

All About You

People say Boudoir photography is about photos of women wearing sexy lingerie. Well, Yes and No.

You want to add some cute lingerie to your wardrobe, then Yes! (not sure what lingerie to choose? Check out some of my blogs about what to wear)  Or try something on from my growing Clients’ Closet, wear one of my beautiful crowns and robes, put on one of my gorgeous Angel wings or fairy wings, step in the fantasy cloud set or steamy shower set, or a rain set in my studio, etc., to make it a more exhilarating experiment!

However, Boudoir is not about lingeries, you can be sexy in lingeries; You can be sexy in a T-shirt, a sweat shirt or even a bed sheet; You can also be sexy just with your birthday suit! Whether it is general boudoir or bodyscape, or fine art nude, It Is All About YOU! You are a brave and beautiful soul on a mission, you got this!


Never done boudoir before? Watch this behind the scene clip from one of my gorgeous clients’ boudoir photo session, to get an idea of what the boudoir experience is like when working with me.


Interested in a boudoir session for confidence sake and celebrate your body? Want to gift your significant other your bridal boudoir photos? Or to create contents for your social media platforms like Onlyfans? 

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