Classic Black and White Portrait

Individual Session | 20 Minutes | $245 /person

10% discount for siblings/family member

(Please contact when you book for 2 or more children) 

black and white portrait of child
black and white portrait of child

In your child’s timeless black and white portrait, the innocence and purity of childhood shine through. You see their eyes wide with wonder, sparkling with curiosity; You see their smiles sweet and playful; You see their skin soft and glowing with the radiance of youth. Let’s capture your kiddo’s unique personality and spirit!

-Appx. 20 Images to choose from on set;

-4 high-res images of your choice;

-Additional image&products are available for purchase.

-Wear Plain WHITE or BLACK t-shirt;

-No ruffles, no logo, no graphics patterns;

-Clean hair and face.

-One Session Per Person;

-10% discount for siblings (session on the same day) 

-Group shot for siblings at the end of session.

3 + 9 =

p.s. A black and white children portrait is a classic choice for children’s photography because it captures the essence of childhood in a different way from color photography. The soft contrast of light and shadow highlights the delicate features of a child’s face, while the absence of color allows you to focus on the child’s expression and emotions.